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DIY Mocha Mask for Beautiful Skin

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Here's a little secret:  I'm addicted to the snooze button.  I set my alarm an hour ahead every morning, and I drive my boyfriend absolutely insane hitting the alarm every nine minutes until I can no longer delay the inevitable.  

I'm not sure why I do it, exactly.  I know the sleep I'm getting while I wait for the alarm to ring again isn't helping me feel more rested.  But for some reason I can't resist the habit, and I've learned to make room for the twisted ritual in my morning routine.  At least my dog is used to it.

Once I finally make it out of bed and trudge to the bathroom, I am sorely in need of a caffeine jolt.  And while I usually rely on a large mug of coffee to serve this purpose, on days when I've managed to sneak a few extra minutes I like to put some coffee on my skin, too.  

I started making a version of this mask for myself when I came across this recipe on Beauty Banter.  It made my skin look and feel amazing, but I needed something faster for the mornings.  I just don't have the energy to rifle through my fridge to find all of the ingredients when I'm stumbling around like a dinosaur.  

I decided to mix up something similar that can sit on my bathroom counter and perk me up in the mornings while exfoliating and hydrating my skin and reducing puffiness.  

To use it, just grab a handful of the dry mask mixture, mix it with some water in your hand and spread it over your face.  Leave it on for about 10 minutes until it dries, then rinse it off in the shower.  This simple mocha mask is a great way to energize yourself and treat your skin - and that's the kind of multi-tasking that makes up for a few rounds with my old friend the snooze button.


DIY Mocha Mask for Beautiful Skin

1 cup dry milk powder

1/2 cup fresh coffee grounds

1/2 cup cocoa powder


Shake all of the ingredients up in a mason jar, and store it on your bathroom counter as a morning treat for your skin.